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1913 – 18 May – AGM Trail

Venue: Blackheath Car Park, Chilworth


This hash doesn't often run in the really wild bits of Surrey and frankly there are not too many wild bits of Barnes, apart from the Heath itself which is far too common. No this was proper Surrey at a lovely time of year with bluebells still carpeting parts of the trail and only the odd residence to be seen. There was a good turnout to the Blackheath car park which is adjacent to the now closed and missed Villagers pub, which did at one time serve the hash but no more, as it is no longer a free house ( actually it's two bloody expensive houses).
This trail was set by our R A Specky who knows this patch better than his former beat. He used his cunning to provide a much varied trail with, it was estimated, more checks than there were sandwiches at the pub which probably means that he used more flour as well. It went over towards Albury and then towards Wonersh dipping south to use a little blacktop just to appease those Barnes runners used to a more asphaltic environment. 
We were joined in the car park by some electric skateboarders whose wares were being gleefully eyed up by Chipmunk as an alternative to shank's pony while Leo provides pulling power to Layby. The company car for the boreders was an open topped Merc and they obviously knew more about the weather than our RA as they opted to leave the car topless in the car park as the thunder clouds gathered all around.

We went to the Percy Arms for the on in and Specky has organised some sandwiches while the AGM proceeded, enlightened as it was by OITE's new hairdo. The election of officers was a true example  of democracy with President Zelensky of Ukraine on the ballot for a key role ( election banner - you put the UK in Ukraine) but unfortunately he sent word that he was a little tied up ( the way Putin wants him to be) to take on the job.
So the old guard was re elected for another year and there were sighs of relief all round.

We had a guest RA in Scud who announced a few sinners including your scribe for being  "tanned" possibly meaning converted into the leather which his skin wil soon resemble. There there was Fevvers who was being far too athletic having been let loose on proper countryside for once and Nelson who kept appearing all over the place. It was great to see Lunchbox and his lovely Harriet at the pub and we hope to have him back running soon.

A jolly evening bantered on until well past the witching hours.





AGM Voting

Last night during the BH3 AGM an exemplary democratic process was invoked to vote n the coming yearŐs mismanagement based on: M=EC-H*

The ballot sheet with results of the on the night voting is attached (1) and from this you will see that a number of new officials were welcomed: V Zelensky; Post Office IT dept.; Elon Musk; Peaky Blinders and surprise of the evening Upstanding Member Bozo Johnson.

However, this did not allow for Postal Ballots; countering the effects of social media campaigns and booster jabs against viral hacking. 

The final outcome is on Mismanagement1.htm and from this you will see that the surprise of the evening is that B Johnson is not an Upstanding Member but RHUM is. Raffles, despite not being on the ballot continues as Joint Dog Master with Leopold as the Senior. 

Welcome to the new-ish mismanagement and another year of mis-rule!

BTW The Percy Arms did us proud with the biggest sandwiches and best chips so far.

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* Mismanagement = Election x Confusion - Hacking