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Run no: 1667

Date: 23 November

Hare: Lunchbox

Venue: The Cock Inn, Headley


We were warned of the dangers of the trail – a Surrey hasher was injured here two weeks ago and that was in the daylight! Proxy arrived looking forward to a run but only had his work shoes – any excuse for an extra beer he waited in the pub for our return.

The trail followed a figure of 8, although not evident in the dark, there were two crossovers -  so I was told. Bikes with lights blazing confused the checking, shiggy, woods and open stretches provided variety and dirt.

RA Layby confirmed the menacing reputation of the area, not only was she attacked by killer bluebells on the previous Barnes run here, but the pub is in close proximity to a party where some guy got shot. Proxy was asked why he didnŐt run barefoot – was given a down down which was then given to Bodyshop to take, after all Proxy had already had an extra beer. ScargillŐs dogs were making such a din they had to be given a beer to shut them up so the RA could be heard. Deep Throat a sinner for texting in the circle.




Run no: 1681

Date: 1 March 2017

Pub: The Griffin in Claygate

Hare: Stonker

Scribe: Scud




20 of us left the pub, run around a bit and came back. Great evening.


Down-Downs went:


á       Lional: For putting his BIG ONE in.

á       Made-To-Cum: For cuming out of the pub toilet with wet hands and a huge smile on his face. Hmmmm?

á       Proxy: For adopting a supercilious elevated position in the pub - on a huge stool.

á       LegoLas: Who couldnŐt find anywhere to sit in the pub so went and sat in the Loo.

á       Double Entry (and Jo??) : For being found guilty of dangerous driving, speeding, being drunk, mounting the pavement, killing three pedestrians and a Chihuahua called Trixy, and failing to notify his change of address , AND THEN being aquitted!


Who says this stuffŐs FAKE?