Recent run write-ups – what did you miss!


Run no: 1708

Date: 6th September

Pub: The Fox & Grapes, Wimbledon Common

Hare: Bumburner


Wonders never cease, as Bumburner had been lucky enough to get permission from the Rangers to lay the trail in flour. Maybe the pack would also be lucky and see some Wombles


It was a perfect autumn evening and the hare had made good use of the common, with loops, back-checks and short cuts keeping FRBs & walkers alike, all within earshot. We passed by the windmill, down to the pond and over the golf course - all 'common' sights that we know and love when running from the Fox & Grapes. 


Most of us were back at the bar by 9pm with a drink in hand and although no bribery was needed Bumburner had also ordered several plates of chips to ensure everyone was even more happy!


So to the circle. First the down-downs for the hare & also Proxy as Checkin' Chicken. Then a double award ceremony with both Too Posh & Last Tango being awarded their 100 run tankards (with Paparazzi Bumburner taking photos.)


As none of our four RAs were present, Lunchbox ably stood-in (Ed - he's good at standing in for people who aren't there!) He awarded three 'lack-of control' down-downs. The first to Sling Shot for having little control over his delightful black Labrador puppy. Then to Simple for lack of control over his injury, but still able to run when he saw the On-Inn. & finally Stonker for having no control over the RAs, as non were at the run.


A great Barnes evening ................... except we didn't see any Wombles. Maybe next time?




Run: 1710

Date: 14 September

Venue: The Old House at Home

Hares: Chipmonk & Layby


Hare talk: beer and cake plus a magical experience after the run!

The  run was a left hander through the Tower Hill area of south Dorking. The checks were well positioned to hold the front runners and allow the pack to catch up. Behind the hospital, the devious use of a gate from a cul-de-sac brought the trail out onto the allotments. The hare split the pack towards the end taking the knitting circle back to the pub while the FRBs did an extra loop taking in Cotmandene, Council Offices and park before heading in past the football club. 

The Beer courtesy of Brighton Hash and some birthday cake greeted the pack on return in the car park before off to The Old House for the magical experience!

We were guided into Narnia magical room with the entrance through the wardrobe, see photos
SBJ turned up to the pub after the hash had settled in Narnia and on not seeing the hash left thinking she was in the wrong pub! Blue Suit didn't respond to her phone calls but she eventually got hold of Layby who escorted her into Narnia! 
Down Downs awarded to the hares for a pleasant run and yummy cakes and beer and for giving us Narnia.
Returnees Blue Suit and SBJ
Birthday celebrations Layby and Lunchbox
Athleticism Bristol hasher Boogy Man 
Etiquette Bristol hasher Roaming Pussy - her calls 'follow me PLEASE' or 'this way PLEASE'
Thanks Layby and Chipmonk a magical evening was had by all!


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